Groove A Day is developed for iPhone, iPad & iPad Touch. It’s a play along/practice environment that gives you control of 5 camera angles (Main Video, Drums Overhead, Drums Feet, Bass Left Hand & Bass Right Hand) and 3 audio tracks (bass, drums & click). Each groove is 2 minutes long and will feature a different groove every day for a year. The Groove A Day app & the first 3 grooves are free with each groove after that for ¢.99.

Do I need to be connected?
Since a groove is approximately 110MB an internet connection is recommended for downloads. Never lose a groove, you can manage storage  on your device by deleting or restoring any of your previous downloads.

How does it work?
Groove Calendar lists the grooves by date.
Selecting Tempo lists the grooves form 60bpm to as fast as 203bpm.
Selecting Style shows the available styles: Pop, Rock, Funk, RnB, Reggae, Blues, Drum n Bass, African & Ska.
Selecting Level shows the grooves sorted by basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
Clicking on a groove in the Groove Calendar takes you to the detail page where more information is shown including tempo, style, level, meter, feel and harmony. You can watch a groove’s preview to check out how it begins and develops.

My Grooves shows the grooves that you’ve downloaded.
They can also be organized by Date, Tempo, Style & Level.
Each groove has a video and practice option.
The video option allows you to choose the camera angle, adjust the audio mix and to play it full screen.
The practice mode takes you to the looping “midi” version of the groove where you can change the tempo and adjust the audio mix. Drum notation and bass notation with tab are shown.

Manage Grooves lets you restore or delete grooves you’ve already downloaded. You will always have access to grooves you’ve already purchased.

Who’s playing the grooves?
Gary Willis – bassist, composer, educator, author
Willis’ career includes 5 solo CD’s, 10 as co-leader of Tribal Tech as well as playing and recording with Wayne Shorter, Alan Holdsworth, Dennis Chambers and many others. His contributions to the instrument include innovative approaches to technique as well as instrument design and continue with the development of this app as a new kind of learning experience.
Willis endorses Ibanez basses, Aguilar amps, D’Addario strings, Bartolini pickups and Roland electronics.

Gergo Borlai – drummer, composer, producer, clinician
Currently rocking the collective drummers’ world with his clinic and festival appearances for Gretsch drums, Gergo started playing at the age of 3. He’s played on over 150 recordings and also contributed as arranger and music director. His unique and intense style draws on a wide range of influences. In addition to recording with Willis on his latest two releases Retro and Larger Than Life, he’s performed with Scott Henderson, Matthew Garrison, Scott Kinsey Group, Tim Lefebvre, Steve Tavaglione, Scott Kinsey, Walt Fowler, Bob Mintzer, Hiram Bullock, L. Shankar, Vernon Reid, Iain Ballamy, Al DiMeola, Nguyen Lee, Hadrien Feraud.
Gergo Borlai endorses Gretsch, Paiste, Remo, Vic Firth, Drum Workshop, Slapklatz and Dunnett Snares.

Who’s it for?
Groove A Day works for any instrument. Soloists from any instrument can use the app to learn how to shape their solos, leading a world class rhythm section to its high point. Drummers and bass players benefit from being able to remix the audio in order to play along with Gary Willis and Gergo Borlai.